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Prickle hoodie

Hebrew FOR; naked,bare.

All of our earrings are handmade in Hamilton Aotearoa. Tiffany Clayton, arowm's founder, makes and designs them along with her wee team in her home studio.

Our earrings are made for the bright, the bold, the loud and the passionate. They're for all the women who've been told they're too loud, or too much. They're for the delicate, the kind hearted, and the warm spirited, the hip shakers, the rule breakers. For the lover of hands and home, unbrushed hair and sparkly eyes. I can only hope that you're reminded every time when you put on your dangles to love yourself, be kind, exuberant, endearing and encouraged to be yourself. 


By Amber-Rose Suckling 

Stretch out.
Crisp air meets skin, hair tangled in the early morning haze.
Roll over and greet the sun – that pinstripe crack between the curtains. 7.00am feels the same.
Find the carpet with your toes. Wriggle them alive.

Clouds of breath float and catch the sun through the kitchen window, mingling with the steam from the French press.
Pour a mug of coffee and let it sit on your tongue. Outside the birds comment on the weather, your neighbor finds the paper dressed in a faded robe. You smile at your reflection
in the microwave, all messed up hair and sleep-heavy eyes.
‘Oh, doesn’t it feel good to be alive!’

Today feels yellow. You pair it with gold glitter eye shadow, a lip smack, strike a pose. No one’s watching. You laugh at the thought of your neighbor in the faded robe catching you
mid dance move. Lean towards the mirror, find the piercing with the hook, your dangles drop and brush your neck. Step back and take in the masterpiece. Today you’re gonna kick

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