Better Off Tijay Dangles in yellow

Better Off Tijay Dangles in yellow


I just released my first single ‘better off’ and made some earrings to celebrate it! Go have a listen on Apple Music or Spotify if you haven’t already <3

Your better off dangles are 3D printed with biodegradable plastic, with recycled sterling silver sleepers. Not only are they fun for your ears they’re fun for the environment too.

I hope that when you put your dangles in your lobes you’d feel beautiful, empowered and yourself. More specifically that you’d be reminded of the things you know you’re better off with and what you’re better off without. We all have those little and big decisions in life that build into who we are, what we become, sometimes we need to be reminded of them to either keep at them, or keep away. All for the purpose of us all becoming more of who we are created to be <3

Your orders will be sent out within a few day after purchasing them. So the only decision left is yellow or blue? Go grab yourself a pair, you’ll be better off for it.

Love Tijay x

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